Cardano Veins: Character Sheets

Get Your Cardano Veins NFTs!

OPEN WALLET DROP. Transactions will be processed in a first come, first served fashion. Once they're gone, they're gone. All other transactions will receive a refund.


You must use a Cardano Shelley-Era wallet such as CC Vault , Nami , Daedalus , AdaLite , or Yoroi .


Disclaimer: When markets allow for royalties we will be asking for 1%.
This will only apply to sales on marketplaces & escrow sites that allow for it.

About Cardano Veins Character Sheets

By staking this character card NFT in the wallet delegated to our partnered stake pool GAME, you can claim an allotment of $HEX from the 1m $HEX distribution pool every epoch. You can also enhance & level up the character card by equipping armor, accessories, weapons, and spells to it too. This is done by keeping those items within the same delegated wallet.

Until those items become available, by acquiring this card now & placing it in a delegated wallet to GAME stake pool, you will be able to claim 10k $HEX per epoch through the $HEX faucet.

More information can be found in our Discord and on our Website by checking the guide and FAQ!